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Reflexology For All: From infants to seniors, all ages can benefit from reflexology.

At every stage of our lives, there are joys and challenges. Sleeplessness, stomach upset, headaches, and anxiety are just a few of the issues that can affect us at any age and have a significant impact on our happiness meter. Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic healing tool that can be used to address many of the wellness concerns of babies, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, and seniors. In fact, research has shown*:

  • Reflexology for babies and children may help in the recovery of certain childhood illnesses, including colic, pneumonia, and bronchitis, and may even support increased emotional and physical growth rates in children with learning and other developmental difficulties.

  • Reflexology for seniors may bring marked improvement in the quality of life for people suffering from Alzheimer's, arthritis, depression, constipation, and insomnia.

  • Reflexology for men and women may help with common problems such as bladder issues and menstrual cramps, have positive effects on kidney and heart function, and reduce chemo-related symptoms such as nausea and neuropathy.

  • Reflexology for moms-to-be may help reduce labor times and pain, and may facilitate breastfeeding.From the smallest of problems to life's greatest challenges, reflexology is a natural solution, that when coupled with other medical and wellness practices, can have powerful and positive benefits.

*Source: Complete Reflexology for Life, by Barbara & Kevin Kunz

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