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The Accidental Writer

As another year comes to an end, it’s natural that many of us would be spending these last few days and weeks reflecting. Perhaps we’re thinking about what we’ve accomplished. Or maybe it’s things that didn’t go so well. And quite possibly, we’re already thinking about what’s next in 2022.

For me, I’m not just thinking about the events of 2021—and how unreal it is that it will be coming to a close so soon. I’ve also been going way back in the time machine to reflect on what brought me to LBA in the first place.

I was running my own home-based reflexology business at the time. I was at a bit of a crossroads, determining if I wanted to grow my own business by taking on more clients and working more hours, adding product sales, and/or maybe even hiring other reflexologists and starting a spa. The other option I was considering was a side gig, where I could apply the branding and marketing experience I had gained working at The Coca-Cola Company. Yes, I’ve had a lot of career lives!

On a bit of a whim, I reached out to Lisa, my husband’s best-friend-from-high-school’s girlfriend (did you follow?), who I had met a few times in social situations. However, she had already made quite an impression on me as a person and professional. I knew she had a broad network and varied experiences in her work history, as well. So, I thought perhaps if she knew more about my consumer marketing background, she might have some thoughtful ideas for me or be willing to connect me with some people who might be looking for someone with my skills and interests.

Her response super-exceeded my expectations. She listened with interest to the part of my background she hadn’t known about, she was extremely receptive to helping me identify some options, and, if my memory serves me correctly, she gave me several good leads within hours of our meeting. She even set up a meeting for me with a client of hers that sold fitness headbands and was building a sales team. This was far more support than I could ever have hoped for when I initially reached out.

But then, a few weeks after our meeting, the real surprise opportunity came. Lisa emailed me. “What do you think about coming to work for me?” her message read. The rest is history. I started working just a few hours a week writing bite-sized content for some of her insurance clients while we sat across from each other at her dining room table. Over the course of the next seven years, our relationship and my role (not to mention our team and office space) has expanded practically every year to where I find myself today, in December 2021, as Content Creation Officer writing, editing, strategizing, and more.

My LBA story is what one of our favorite authors/bloggers, Seth Godin, might call a “positive accident”. In a recent blog post, Mr. Godin reminded me there are many fortunate accidents that happen throughout our lives, like randomly meeting people who end up our biggest supporters and being given opportunities to say and share something meaningful, whether through our writing or another medium.

Rather than dwelling on negative accidents, it’s the good feelings from these lucky accidents that we should try to carry with us and reflect on often. And so today I’m taking a long moment to reflect on the happy accident that opened the door for me to pursue my passion and become a content creator.

What positive accidents happened to you this past year, led you to be a writer, or landed you the job you’re currently in? We hope you will join us in ending the year reflecting on the best moments.

This blog was written in my role as Chief Content Officer for Lisa Baker Associates.

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