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Reflexology FAQs

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Everything you ever wanted to know about reflexology. We get lots of questions about reflexology, so why not share the answers with everyone? The following are five frequently asked questions about this holistic practice.

  • Can a Reflexologist diagnose a specific illness through the feet? A Reflexologist should never diagnose a specific condition unless he or she is also a licensed medical practitioner. Furthermore, a non-medical Reflexologist should never treat or prescribe medicine for an illness. A Reflexologist should always refer a client to a physician or appropriate health care professional if he or she suspects a certain problem.

  • Is it true that Reflexology has to be painful to work? The benefits of Reflexology can be achieved using gentle to moderate pressure. During a session, you may have areas that are more sensitive to touch than others, but as the practitioner continues to work, these painful areas should dissipate. The Reflexologist should never go beyond your level of pain tolerance and should continuously be assessing your level of comfort during the session.

  • Is there any scientific proof that Reflexology really works? Reflexology has been established as a true integrative health treatment. There are hundreds of research studies exploring the use of Reflexology in cancer treatment, hospice work, drug addiction, autoimmune support, fertility work, pain management, weight management, and stress reduction in disease prevention to name just a few.

  • What is the primary purpose of a Reflexology session? A Reflexology session provides stress reduction and promotes relaxation. Reflexology also works with the body to encourage sustained balance and harmony. Reflexology also helps to improve circulation through the body.

  • Who should receive a Reflexology treatment? Reflexology is safe for almost anyone. Young and old can benefit. For very young, elderly, or those in frail health, the sessions may be shorter and a lighter touch used.

Are there other things you're dying to know about Reflexology? Send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

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