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Reflexology Warms You Up

Got Cold Feet? Reflexology can help keep you and your toes toasty this winter.

You may love the change of seasons here in New England, but still find the cold intolerable some days.

In addition to numb fingers and toes, when temps are particularly chilly, you may experience headaches, shoulder discomfort, dizziness, difficulty in sleeping, and even palpitations.

These effects could be interfering with the activities that you'd like to participate in during the winter and day-to-day living.

While Reflexology is widely used to reduce tension, induce recovery from fatigue, and to refresh the mind and body, a 2010 pilot study exploring the effects of reflexology on cold tolerance demonstrated that this practice also naturally promotes:

  • Improvement in blood flow and better systemic blood circulation

  • Significant increases in skin temperature

Reflexology is a proven alternative therapy against cold intolerance. So, whether you suffer from a specific type of cold-weather ailment, such as chilblains or Raynauds, or you simply just want to take a break from winter's wrath, get some relief with reflexology.

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