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Feeling a Little Tired After the Holidays?

These health and wellness practices might help you find your mojo again.

Many of us overdo it during the holiday season. From too much spending, eating, and drinking to too little sleep, exercise, and self-care, it's no wonder we are all dragging our exhausted minds and bodies into the New Year. Below are 4 things that may help you detox from all that fun [with Bonus Foot-Joy personal recommendations]:

  • Meditation. After the craziness of the holidays, it would be great if we had the time to catch up on all the things that didn't get done while we were shopping, socializing, and celebrating. Alas, that's not how it works and many of us can't stop thinking about all the stuff we need to get done (yesterday). Meditation is a wonderful practice to try to quiet that "monkey mind," even if you can only spare a few minutes out of your day. Foot-Joy recommends the Ten Percent Happier Meditation App.

  • Sauna. The intensity of the holiday season can leave your body feeling like it ran an ultramarathon. Now, it's all gone caput on you! Perhaps it's time to try the heat and healing benefits of an infrared sauna. There are so many reported benefits of sauna that we can't possibly list them all here, but they include relief of muscle aches, joint pain, and stiffness. In addition, the sauna can help you feel relaxed and invigorated, reduce stress and anxiety, and may also help with reducing cellulite, increasing metabolism, and building your immune system. Foot-Joy recommends that you sweat it out, energize, and restore at Denaro Chiropractic, and get an adjustment too!

  • Yoga. If we had to pick one part of our bodies that took the brunt of the holiday festivities, would you agree with us that it is the digestive system? A yoga practice can help return this system, and many others, to its normally scheduled programming. There are specific poses that ignite your digestive fire and get rid of bloating, which an experienced yoga teacher can share with you. Foot-Joy recommends Home Yoga which has both in-person and virtual options.

  • Massage, Reflexology, & Other Bodywork. When you're looking to relax, it would not surprise us if you reach out to your local massage therapist, reflexologist, or another bodyworker to make an appointment. But there is so much more to bodywork than simply relief of stress and tension. After a toxic holiday season, bodywork may help you eliminate some unhelpful leftovers clogging up your systems. Depending on the modality, bodywork may improve circulation and trigger the body's natural self-cleaning and healing processes, flushing out toxins. Foot-Joy recommends Susan at Serenity Massage (and we encourage you to ask her about the detoxifying benefits of cupping as well).

We hope this information helps you to build your detox toolkit, which you can tap into before, during, and after the holidays and all through the year. The more consistent you are with your self-care routine, and the more wellness practices you integrate into it, the more likely you are to experience invaluable long-term results, like making it through next year's holidays with more calm and ease!

PLEASE NOTE: Foot-Joy Reflexology is not a medical professional. You should always consult with your physician before trying any new wellness practices, especially if you see a Dr. regularly for any health conditions.


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