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What Story Are Your Feet Telling?

Different traits of your feet may help you discover more about your overall wellness.

Your feet are truly a hub of information. From foot shape to texture patterns and specific markings, analyzing these foot characteristics can provide insightful clues to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.

Here are a few things that a reflexologist might observe:

  • Visual cues, such as wrinkles, calluses, or lines (e.g., straight lines, Y lines, X lines, Stars, Parallel lines)

  • Sensory cues, such as heat, coolness, dryness, moistness, sponginess, hypertonicity (rigidity), hypotonicity (lack of muscle tone), or nodules (lumps under the skin)

  • Foot shape cues, including the following shapes: Rectangular, V-shaped, Square, or Long & Thin

  • Color cues, like green, red, yellow, white, blue or black

  • Reflexology cues, like what area of the body is reflexive of the spot you observed a visual or sensory cue on the foot

A key to proper foot analysis is it being a collaborative and inquisitive process between a qualified reflexologist and their client. If done correctly, the reflexology practitioner will ask you questions based on what they see to help you make connections about how you are feeling and potential imbalances in your body.

The following image is for informational purposes only and is not meant to make any definitive diagnosis or prognostications of future ailments:

This is just a peak under the tent of foot analysis techniques. If you are interested in what your feet are saying, then seek out a certified reflexology practitioner near you or ask Foot-Joy to go over some "cues" with you at your next session.

PLEASE NOTE: Foot analysis using shape, texture patterns, and markings is NOT to be used to draw any conclusions about your state of health. It should only be utilized to help you gain a broader understanding of potential or future emotional and physical patterns. Foot-Joy Reflexology is not a medical professional and does not provide medical advice or diagnosis. It is critical to consult your physician about any health concerns.


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