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A Healthy Lymphatic System

Learn how reflexology, energy work, and dry brushing can help.

How important is the lymphatic system? Well, it is a network of tissues and organs (tonsils, adenoids, spleen, liver, and thymus) that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. That's serious business!

Three Holistic Practices That May Support the Health of the Lymphatic System
  • Reflexology. Using multiple techniques, such as milking, press and hold, and finger walking, a reflexologist can stimulate the lymphatic reflexes on the feet and hands, which may help to restore any imbalances and improve overall well-being.

  • Energy Work. A Reiki practitioner can hover over or put hands on the areas of the body that are related to the lymphatic system, including over the eyes, around the throat, by the underarms and chest, and on the spleen and liver, which may promote healing and relaxation and reduce pain and stress.

  • Dry Brushing. This is a type of Ayurvedic medicine that we were recently introduced to, in which practitioners rub a brush with coarse, natural-fiber bristles over the body in a particular pattern, in order to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate the skin, help the body rid itself of toxins, increase circulation and energy, and more.

If you have questions about any of these holistic practices, feel free to contact Foot-Joy Reflexology for more information.

However, please note that holistic healing does not take the place of traditional medical care or prescription medications. You should always consult your physician with any health concerns, including those you have with your lymphatic system.


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