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Low, Medium, Or High? Find Out What Type of Foot Arch You Have.

Updated: Jan 17

A picture is worth a thousand words! Let's capture what type of foot arch you have by getting an image of it. Here's how:

1. Find someone who is willing to get up close and personal with your foot.

2. Then, stand on one foot with the inside of the foot facing the camera.

3. The picture-taker needs to make sure the camera is at the same level as your foot and perpendicular to the floor.

4. Compare the image to the following lovely feet to determine your foot arch type:

LOW ARCH May indicate a foot arch that is underactive and unlocked which typically means a reduced release of power and elastic energy.

NEUTRAL ARCH May indicate a foot arch that has a perfect balance of foot strength and mobility. Yay, you!

HIGH ARCH May indicate a foot arch that is more rigid or locked which typically means that absorbing impact forces is sometimes difficult.

Now that you have self-analyzed your foot arch, you may have a better understanding of whether it's low, high, or "just right".

But what can you do with this information?

From making sure you select shoes that support your arch type to focusing on specific exercises to help strengthen your unique feet, there are many ways you should apply this newfound knowledge. Ask your local reflexologist for suggestions!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any concerns, including pain, related to your foot arches, please consult your primary physician or a foot specialist.

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