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What You Eat Affects Your Feet

Too Many Sweets This Holiday Season? Your feet might be suffering!

Most of us have experienced the after-affects of overeating on our bellies, but did you know that eating poorly may also take a toll on your feet?

Whether it's alcohol, soda, baked and junk foods, vegetable oils, saturated fats, pasta and other white flour products, or sweets, if you indulged over the past few weeks, your feet may be exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Inflammation

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Lack of Blood Flow

  • Arterial Damage

  • Bone Loss

  • Gout and Arthritis

Of course, there's no time like the New Year to get your eating habits back on track and your feet back to great health.

Eating lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, salmon and other fatty fish, whole grains, and healthy oils is always a good place to start.*

Regular reflexology appointments are likely to enhance the benefits you feel from a healthy nutrition plan including improved circulation and reduced pain and inflammation.

*Always consult a physician before starting a new diet.

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